Download Demo version 3.0 :
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-Valdis Demo ver:3.0 notes-

New techniques:
Devils luck: Quick evasive dodge. ( Kind of like a backwards shadow step )
Parry/counter: Block melee attack right before it lands to counter attack.

Gilda:Fixed stun duration. No shots at point blank. Changed blocking mechanic.
Assassins: Assassins no longer spawn when bosses are present.
Archers: Re-adjusted the shot timer and impact push of the archers shots.
Frost Juggernaut: Added new attack. Increased hp. Reduced damage done.

Rusted sword: Added a rusty sword to the game before the holy sword.
Landing: No longer stuned when landing from a fall.
GM7- Vista compatible
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Bugs: Large number of bugs squashed.(not all of them)
Door: The Door in lower Hyogokun fortress no longer locks behind you. This change makes the area with the hanged girl and the blood letters crest now considered secret areas.
Performance: Slightly improved.




























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