Long ago the Goddess known as Valdis ruled over all life on Erebus. She was a kind and powerful goddess, and was loved by all. She gave birth to two goddesses. They were the twins of day and night, Myrgato the dark and Alagath the light. Valdis was unexplainably drawn to humans. Their odd behaviors and tendencies towards self destruction, led Valdis to care for them with a morbid curiosity.

Valdis was very tired, as her power had been drained during the creation of her two daughters. She charged the care of the world to the twin goddesses Alagath and Myrgato. Valdis then went to sleep, deep inside the planet. Myrgato soon became deeply infatuated with the enigmatic humans. She demanded of Alagath to give her Reign of all of humanity. Alagath refused. Seeing that Myrgato was surely losing her sanity, Alagath did everything in her power to protect the humans from her dark sister. This was the start of what is known as the 'GODDESS WAR'.

Humans loyal to Myrgato, and gave their souls unto her, became Demons. Those who followed Alagath became angels. During this war, the wailing of the souls of all who died woke Valdis from her sleep. Fearing her mother's wrath, Myrgato struck before Valdis regained her full power. With the Matron Goddess slain, the war has continued relentlessly for the past 48 years.

Fortress Hyogokun:

On top of Icy Mountain sits Fortress Hyogokun. Once the base of operations for the Hyogokun Knights, the great Demon Generals, it is now thought to be abandoned. Here the legendary Demon Knight, Caderyn, defeated the previous capitain in a duel to the death ...

Wyatt Goibniu:
Height: 6'
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Green

Wyatt is the son of Demon General Cadeyrn. At the age of 3 he began training in the art of combat with his parents. When he was 11 Wyatt was wounded during an assassination attempt on his father. Cadeyrn felt that Wyatt would be placed in further danger if he stayed by his side, and so he left Wyatt behind at a temple to hide. Wyatt has countinued his training alone in order fuffill his duty to his family oath, and sets out in search of his father. Wyatt is a very confrontational person. His upbringing was closer to that of a soldier then a child. His thirst for battle can easily be mistaken for bloodlust.

Reina Oluwatoyin:
Age: 18
Height:5' 6"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: greyish blue

Daugter of Lord Abbadon the head saint of Urudan Temple. Reinas control over the magics of the divine way have earned her the rank of top Diviner among the nuns of the Temple. Since they first met, Reina has had strong feelings for Wyatt. She feels that Wyatt's reckless need to do battle and become stronger may lead him down the path of darkness. She has taken it upon herself to be Wyatt's support and make sure he does not lose himself, and is willing to give all of her being in order to do so. Normally strong willed and rigteous, Reina becomes a complete crybaby when Wyatt is involved. Most of the nuns belive Reina wouldn't act like a lady at all if Wyatt had never come to the monastary.

Gilda Ire:
Height:5' 7"
Hair: Light Blue
Eyes: Off white.

An enigmatic Demon that was found gaurding the Saints Masonic. It's not yet know what the reason for her actions are, but she has some connection to Cadeyrn.





























































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