Wyatt can combine various attacks and skills together to form chain attacks. Any attack or skill can be performed after another so it is up to skilled fighters to develop their own set of combinations to defeat enemies. Finishing an enemy with larger chain attacks grants a greater amount of experience points. New skills and attacks can be discovered though out the game as Wyatt finds items and defeats high ranking enemies.


There are two types of equipment in Valdis Story, Armor and Relics. Only one Armor and one Relic can be equipped at a time. There are many special abilities and powers granted by equipment. Finding the right combination for your style of fighting could greatly increase your success in battle.


Their are two types of summons in Valdis Story. The first type is the Partner Summon. A Partner Summon is another character that will come to aid Wyatt in battle. Some Partner Summons have special support abilities as well as attacks, such as Increased attack power and healing. The second type of summon is the Weapon Summon. When equipped Weapon Summons can be used for normal attacks as well as calling forth their guardian element to unleash powerful Magical attacks.


The Soul Alter system in Valdis Story has great impact on battles as the game progresses. Wyatt's soul can sway into either the light or the darkness. If his soul goes far enough in either direction it will effect the strength of some of his abilities. Wyatt's soul can be altered by various factors. Not all enemies in the game need to be killed to progress though the story. By choosing to kill optional bosses Wyatt can gain attributes of darkness or light. The other way the soul is altered is by the skills the player chooses to use. By leveling up a skill you gain points in its corresponding affinity. The father into light or darkness you go the stronger all attacks and items of that affinity become, this however may make killing some enemies easier or more difficult depending on your status.























































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